Manta: More Than a Million Claimed Business Listings

Filed in Directories, Local Search by Matt McGee on February 10, 2012 3 Comments

manta-logoI’ve been meaning to write something about Manta’s local business directory for a little while now, primarily because I see it showing up more and more in local “place / category” search results. (They have some sharp SEOs from what I understand…)

And now it appears I don’t need to write something, because Greg Sterling did a bang-up job of that yesterday. I think his “sleeping giant” analogy is a good one, but not sure how much longer it’ll be appropriate as they continue to grow and gain visibility. Some stats from Greg’s article:

  • More than a million claimed business listings now.
  • That should grow to two million by year’s end.
  • 3,000 businesses per day claim their listing on Manta.
  • About 25 percent of the claimed profiles get updated every month.
  • 26 million unique visits per month to the website.
  • More than 90 percent retention on paying members, which currently numbers about 25,000.

That should whet your appetite. Check out Greg’s full article and, when you’re done, go to Manta’s website and see if you have a listing that needs to be claimed or added.

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Thanks very much for sharing this. I’ve not only found that there are listing that need to be claimed, but I’ve also found several duplicates in their directory, some dating as far as ten years back with closed businesses.

    I have contacted Manta requesting information on how to update or remove the duplicate/old listings and will report back when I have more info.


  2. Hi Matt,
    I really enjoyed your post. As I was out interviewing small businesses for a local website, a number of these owners told me they were being found online because they were taking the time to utilize free and low-cost business listing sites. Their customers were using them to spread the word about their great customer service and unique new products. And it was so cool–it cost these business owners only a little time and effort.

  3. Update: I did receive a response from Manta on the old listing, and have commented on Greg’s blog about it.

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