Local Search spending outlook

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Need to get this one posted not only for reader edification, but also for the sake of future referencing. 🙂

MediaPost reported this week on a Borrell Associates study that forecasts continued growth in local online advertising. The study predicts spending in 2007 to be up 32% to $7.7 billion. Some specifics:

Paid local search is expected to remain the fastest-growing ad category, nearly doubling to $1.8 billion and accounting for almost a quarter of local online ad spending. Local e-mail will climb by 54 percent to $233 million, while local banners and listings will increase 18.4 percent to $5.6 billion.

The MediaPost article says the real estate and automotive sectors are fueling the growth (sorry, bad pun). And that newspaper web sites are among the biggest benefactors.

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