Listening: A Great Way to Market on Twitter

Filed in Social Media by Matt McGee on July 10, 2012 1 Comment

Here’s a great example of how listening can equal marketing on Twitter.

Yesterday afternoon I mentioned on Twitter that Feedburner has been pretty much completely ignored by Google recently. I actually tweeted it in the form of a question, asking people if there’s another product that Google has ignored as much.

I had a few replies and conversations about other ignored Google products, and that was nice. And I also had a reply from someone I’ve never heard of, tweeted with, etc. — a total stranger offering me a couple links in case I was interested in a “supported, cared for feedburner alternative.”

Well, yeah, I’d give that some consideration. Feedburner appears to be a dead product at the moment and Google could cut the cord at any moment.

I clicked the links in that tweet and they took me to the FeedBlitz website. I’d heard the name FeedBlitz a couple times but never bothered to investigate who they are or what they do. After reading a bit, I was impressed enough to want to learn more — so I signed up to get their Feedburner migration guide (which I’ll read soon).

Anyhoo … it turns out that tweet came from Phil Hollows, the co-founder of FeedBlitz. He doesn’t follow me, nor I him. But he was obviously listening for mentions of Feedburner on Twitter and found my tweet. His reply was informative and helpful without being pushy or overly sales-y. And he may end up with a new, paying customer because of it.

And that’s how listening becomes marketing on Twitter.

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  1. Kent says:

    Listening is the first and most important marketing strategy. If we don’t understand what people need, how can we market?

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