Link Development 101 (and 201, and some 301, too!)

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Some posts are just too damn good to hold onto until the Friday link-o-rama, and this is one of them:

Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview

Rae grabbed four others and each of the five submitted two questions, then each of the five answered all 10 questions. It’s really great stuff. Set aside 20-30 minutes and read this … or about 45 minutes if, like me, you end up clicking on some of the great off-shoot links for more info.

Two reactions:

1) As the husband (and search marketing manager) of a real estate agent, I was pleased to see some discussion on the challlenges involved with sites like that. We’re struggling with some of those ideas discussed in Question 5. (“Easier said than done” comes to mind.)

2) I was getting near the end and a bit nervous that the key element (in my opinion) of link development hadn’t been fully addressed: trust. In terms of link development, sites with more trust can do things that other sites can’t. I love the way Eric said it, which is the perfect way to sum up the discussion (and this post):

It’s about the sum of the parts, the signals of intent, the complete history of site, traffic, linking patterns over time, and on and on. Every site comes with its own unique linking history, and what works for one site cannot work for all sites.

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