Leave Feedback: Making Customer Reviews Easier for All

Filed in Local Search, Word of Mouth by Matt McGee on March 26, 2008 0 Comments

Leave Feedback logoIt’s no secret that customer reviews can have a big impact on sales and conversions for businesses of any size. But getting customers to leave reviews in the right places isn’t an easy proposition.

My friend Michael Jensen and his company, Solo SEO, hopes to change this with the introduction of Leave Feedback:

LeaveFeedback.org helps local businesses to get authentic, online reviews from their customers by giving a coupon for leaving feedback at a review site, and pointing the customer directly to one of the review sites.

I’d suggest you start on the Solo SEO blog post to learn more about how Leave Feedback works.

(In the interest of full transparency, I was one of several individuals invited to provide feedback and help test the site during development.)

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