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Filed in Blogging, Local Search by Matt McGee on June 5, 2008 3 Comments

Small is BeautifulMy wife shouted “Yay! when I told her that I’d be interviewing Teresa Boardman for my next “Small is Beautiful” column on Search Engine Land. My wife, you may know, is one of a growing legion of real estate bloggers, and Teresa Boardman is one of the agents at the head of the class.

Teresa writes the St. Paul Real Estate Blog, which owns the Google and Yahoo SERPs for [st paul real estate], and is No. 4 on Live Search last I checked. But I didn’t interview Teresa because she ranks highly for a competitive term in a competitive industry; I interviewed her because her approach to blogging can be a lesson for any small business in any industry.

Let me suggest you first read the SEL column to hear how Teresa has used her blog (and some other social media tools) to grow her business. When you’re done with that, here are two articles Teresa wrote for the Real Estate Tomato blog which shine a stronger light on small business blogging:

I know the real estate industry gets a bad rap for the way they market online, but not all agents deserve the rap. Thanks to Teresa for answering my questions.

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  1. Jay Thompson says:

    Thanks Matt, for not jumping on the “all real estate agents are slimeball marketers” bandwagon.

    Oh yeah, many are. But clearly not everyone. Teresa is a fine marketer and blogger, but an even better person. And she’d be the first to tell you she is not alone.

    Nice interview on SEL.

  2. Matt McGee says:

    Jay, we get the same thing in our industry — “All SEOs are spammers!” That’s a load of crap, too, as is the “all RE agents are slimeballs” thing.

    I hope my fellow search marketers had their eyes opened by this article and will get the idea that there are some really smart RE agents out there doing the kind of stuff we would suggest if they were our clients.

    Thx for the kind words.

  3. Good interview. Very straightforward. Internet marketing has changed business into greater opportunities using online marketing. This would make the business reach to the other horizon and gain more sales.


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