Latest SEL Column: How to Walk a Mile….

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Small is BeautifulMy most recent contribution to Search Engine Land’s “Small is Beautiful” column was published last week. Here’s the link:

How To Walk A Mile In A Search Engine’s Shoes

It began as an article extolling the great value of using the site: search command for some quick SEO site analysis — that alone can reveal a lot about what the search engines see in your site. And then I decided I should probably include some other ways to figure out what the engines see/think about your site.

What about the small business success stories?, you ask.

I plan to continue that series of interviews with small business owners who are succeeding online. In fact, if you or a client have an online marketing success story, please contact me ASAP and provide as many details as possible. You’ll need to be able to explain what you did and quantify the success you had; i.e., “we started blogging and posting videos to YouTube, and our traffic went up 600% while sales increased by 65%.” Concrete details are a must. You might want to look at some of the previous stories to get an idea of what I’m looking for:

I have a couple potential stories on file now, but they’re a bit too similar to ones I’ve already written — so I want to let some time pass before doing those interviews.

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