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At the suggestion of one of its customers, Keyword Discovery has added “Question Phrases” to its list of searchable databases. This means you can now enter a keyword and, rather than get back related keywords, you get a list of related questions that searchers have asked. Question Phrases appears as the last choice on the “Databases” dropdown of the main search page:

screenshot 1

This is cool because it’s a great and easy way to get new content ideas. Imagine you’re a dermatologist who wants to add articles to your web site, or needs new ideas for blogs posts. Just type in a general word like “acne,” and Keyword Discovery returns a list of questions that searchers have asked. It’s like having an instant focus group telling you what questions they have about your products, service, or industry.

screenshot 2

A tool like this works best when you enter very broad, general terms. The list above shows results for the word “acne.” You want to enter short-tail phrases so KD can give you back long-tail questions.

WordTracker has a similar question tool, and together these both make a great addition to your ability to do highly targeted keyword research specifically with content development in mind.

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  1. @joannalord says:

    This is a great addition. In the past Ive used question phrases to battle writer’s blog for content development, and remember thinking that for searching itself the “question query” plays its own part. Nice to see the tool sets are lacing that in there to streamline the process…

  2. Ryan Martin says:

    That is cool that you can isolate the questions out. It is amazing how many people search exactly how they would speak.

    BTW: My first time on your blog. Great job and definitely bookmark worthy.

  3. Marty says:

    Thanks Matt,
    This is a cool addition indeed. We appreciate you taking the time to screen capture and highlight here.

  4. Matt says:

    This is timely, just today I was looking for a “question keyword” type tool. I think this will do the trick. Thanks!


  5. Matt McGee says:

    Thanks for all the comments, gang. I’ve already been using this the past couple days and getting some good ideas from it. Hope you all do, too.

  6. B.L. says:

    Great tip – many of us build related content answering “how tos” that relate to our site, and organically optimize but this could take that a step further.

  7. Linda P. Morton says:

    This sounds like a great tool that I didn’t know about.

    Also I haven’t used Keyword discovery. I use Nichebot. How do you think they compare?

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