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The things you find via StumbleUpon….

I don’t “stumble” very often, but I do get a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon, which was the #1 referrer into this blog in 2006. Just tonight, though, while playing around a bit, I stumbled upon

CrossEngine.com logoCrossEngine.com

CrossEngine is one of those all-in-one search sites, where you can run the same search across a variety of sites, but without having to visit each site separately. Only this one is better, because it’s the most comprehensive such aggregate search site I’ve ever seen.

There are 11 tabs across the top of CrossEngine.com, beginning with the “Quick Start” tab. That one covers the main search engines, plus eBay, Technorati, and a few others. Other tabs include:

  • Standard
  • Images
  • Videos
  • News
  • Blogs
  • Shop
  • Reference
  • Formats
  • Social
  • Tech

Every possible site I could think of is included under one of the tabs, and each tab has some sites I’ve never heard of before.

What’s it good for? Aside from being a cool SEO/webmaster tool, this might also be an easy way to do some reputation management — searching on your own name or your company name quickly across several search sites.

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