Join the March Madness contest for SEOs/SEMs

Filed in Off-Topic by Matt McGee on March 11, 2007 6 Comments

basketballAlright, the best three weeks of the entire year are about to begin. Today is Selection Sunday for the NCAA men’s hoops tournament, and the games start later this week. Can’t. Wait.

In addition to your office pool, get yourself over to Yahoo! Sports and join the “SEO Gang” group where we’ll be competing against each other to see Who Da Man (or Woman?) this year. The following details should be all you need to sign up:

Tournament Home Page

Look for “Join a Group”

Group name: SEO Gang
Group ID: 74465
Password: feelinglucky

Group URL:

May the best SEO/SEM win! (That’s me, fools….)

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  1. ExposureTim says:

    Normally I’d be big time into this, but UConn had a crapper of a year so I didn’t pay attention enough. I’ll still give it a try though.

  2. sheseltine says:

    Hmm basketball, that’s another one of those sports that isn’t soccer 😉 Be prepared to watch with amazement as my picks all lose in the first round… the wooden spoon will be mine 😉

  3. Matt McGee says:

    Simon – you start up a contest for the next World Cup and I promise to take part. Deal?

    Tim – UCONN will be back in a big way next year, won’t they?

  4. sheseltine says:

    Well the World Cup is going on right now, but not too many people fill out brackets for cricket 😉

  5. pbremer says:

    Well now that my alma mater, Niagara has joined the Madness, could it be time to start thinking Cinderella! Probably not against Kansas, but a 16 seed’s gotta beat a 1 seed someday!!

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