I’ve Been Neglecting My Meme Duties

Filed in Off-Topic by Matt McGee on May 20, 2007 5 Comments

(I really hate the word “meme” and promise to never use it again on SBS.)

Confession: I tend to not read the various blog tag things that are going on these days. Too busy. But now I’m “it,” twice over, it seems. David Wallace just tagged me in one that’s going around about charities. Sorry for not knowing the background, but I believe I’m supposed to include David’s list before sharing mine. So here’s David’s five:

  1. Phoenix Rescue Mission – homeless shelter Phoenix
  2. Teen Challenge Arizona – help with addictions
  3. The Crisis Pregnancy Centers – pregnancy counseling
  4. Serving Our World – care for orphans
  5. Teen Mania – Christian outreach to teens

AWF logoAnd then, I’m gonna break the rules a bit. There’s only one charity I want to advertise here: The African Well Fund (AWF). This is a group of U2 fans that’s raised more than $300,000 to bring clean water to Africa by building wells.

(If you’ve been reading SBS for any length of time, you probably know I’m a longtime U2 fan. If you know much about U2, you know that Bono (lead singer) has been incredibly active in raising awareness about debt relief, poverty, and AIDS — particularly in Africa.)

Well, the AWF is a great example, to me, of common folks making a difference. And very deserving of being included in this meme.

I also neglected my duties a month ago in the “Why I Blog” meme, when I was tagged by Jenn and Miriam. So, here ya go:

  1. I started SBS because a wise man thought it would help my career. (He was right. Whew!)
  2. Because I love to write.
  3. Because it gives me a place to put down my own thoughts on search marketing and create a personal library of sorts.
  4. Because it would force me to be more social than I was comfortable being. (relates to #1)
  5. Because it’s incredibly satisfying to get positive feedback and be told that you’ve helped and made a difference for a reader.

There … all caught up. Now you guys stop tagging me, would ya? 🙂

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  1. Miriam says:

    Matt, you may have forgotten to blog when I tagged you..but I forget I tagged you in the first place. Our clients must never know we are losing our memories!

    You mentioned the word ‘meme’. Can someone tell me…I’ve never heard this word said out loud…it seems like it would be pronounced ‘meeeeem’, but maybe it is supposed to be pronounced ‘mi-mi’, as in, the name of a French poodle?

    This is bit like some people saying
    “My S Q L” and other saying “My sequel”…yes, I’ve actually heard people say that.

    And, is it ‘web two point o’ or ‘web two dot o’. I have noticed confusion on this!

    But my main question is about that word you hate…meme.

  2. Matt McGee says:

    I believe it’s “meem,” Miriam. And definitely “2-point-oh.” 🙂

  3. sheseltine says:

    …and what’s wrong with people who pronounce it My Sequel?

    *taps foot*


  4. Miriam says:

    See what I mean on this? No one quite agrees. I heard someone…and now I can’t remember who, but some Internet Marketing pro pronoucing it two-dot-oh.

    And I said, “Oh my gosh, I’m so dumb. I thought it was two-point-oh.”

    You’d think the conferences where all the pros get together and actually speak to one another would result in a standardized use of language, but I guess we just haven’t gotten there yet.

    Sheseltine – Who knows…you could be right. 🙂

  5. sheseltine says:

    Heck, after several centuries there are still people arguing over whether scone is pronounced ‘s-conn’ or “sc-own”, so it’s to be expected that some of these new fangled bits of language would have some level of ambiguity somewhere.

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