In Content Marketing, It’s OK To Repeat Yourself

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My wife texted me earlier this week with a question: Had she ever answered a question about the best time to sell your home in her weekly video series, Ask the REALTOR.

This is a pretty common topic with homeowners, and the conventional wisdom is that it’s best to sell your home in the warm months — spring and summer. But local data shows that’s not necessarily true, and she wanted to share that data with viewers.

As you can see above, I reminded her that she’d done a question last year about selling a home during the winter months that’s kinda similar to the question she wanted to answer this week. But I also added an important point: It’s okay to be somewhat repetitive.

Here’s why I believe this to be true: If you’re doing content marketing the right way, you should be consistently growing your audience. That means…

  1. You have new audience members now that weren’t in your audience the first time the content was published.
  2. The “old” audience members who were reading you back then may have missed your content the first time; people are busy and probably no one’s sitting around waiting for the next thing you publish.
  3. The “old” audience members may have seen it the first time, but there’s nothing wrong with giving them a little reminder of whatever the content is about.

There’s one important caveat here: Don’t overdo it. If your blog or YouTube channel or whatever turns into nothing but repeats of stuff you’ve said before, you’ll drive your audience away.

As long as you’re continuing to create new content on a regular basis, don’t be afraid to repeat and repurpose old content once in a while. And if it helps visualize what I’m talking about, here are the two videos that make a similar point but from different angles.

This week’s video

October 31, 2017 video

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