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Filed in Local Search by Matt McGee on January 9, 2007 2 Comments

Google Maps on the Apple iPhoneBack in my 2007 Predictions post, I wrote the following:

5. Mobile search will continue to be the most overhyped topic in search. I’m not drinking the mobile search kool-aid. Mobile search is always coming, but it never arrives. And I don’t think it will, not for many more years. If ever.

Because of this, I’ve changed my mind. It looks to me like this is going to make mobile web browsing infinitely better than the teeth-pulling exercise it’s been up until now.

Do you agree? Disagree? Would love to hear your thoughts, because I’m sure you’re all a lot smarter than me when it comes to mobile search.


Meanwhile, of particular note for small business owners is the inclusion of Google Maps as the default map search on the iPhone. Click the link and watch the demo if you haven’t already.

This is another feather in Google’s cap, and it reminds me of the Intuit partnership from last year. This also makes it more imperative that the small business owner learn how to market on Google Maps.

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  1. st0n3y says:

    Matt, that is absolutely the most incredible post title EVER. Pure genius!

  2. John Carcutt says:

    Yeah .. Matt I agree ..

    However, one big problem holding that will hold this back for a bit and it was Apples mistake. How many people are going to “iChange” their service provider to Cingular to get this amazing phone. Yep, at launch it will only be available for that network.

    Personally, I am considering it as I am not that happy to begin with, but may people are locked in contracts they wont or cant buy out of. Maybe 2008, but Apple has effectively limited their market just like they did with the original Mac Machines.

    They always try this, even iTunes was originally MAC only. Lets hope others take their lead however and work towards developing a truly useful Mobile search environment.

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