Hyperlocal Blogger Roundup

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Have you been to my other blog, Hyperlocal Blogger, recently? If not, here are some posts you may want to check out.

Pros & Cons of Using a Wiki for Local Blogging
This is a guest post from Andrew Moore, a hyperlocal blogger in Kansas City who’s using MediaWiki as a local blogging platform instead of the more traditional options. He shares some pros and cons about using wiki software for this purpose.

How to Use Twitter to Find Local Blog Content
The most successful blog post ever on the four hyperlocal blogs that my wife and I write came thanks to a tweet from someone I’ve never met who lives in our hometown. I talk about that and offer ideas and tools to help find local Twitter users as a way to make connections and find local blog content.

NY Times Goes Hyperlocal … But Does It Change Anything?
Some thoughts on the New York Times recent launch of a couple hyperlocal blogs that they hope will usher in new forms of journalism.

(Now) 38 Local Blog Directories
Yep, even local blogs need to do some basic linkbuilding. This list started with 33 directories, and then another five came in via comments on the blog post.

Local blogging is a great tool for small businesses to use to make connections with potential customers. It’s also got mad strength where local SEO is concerned. Check out the blog, subscribe to the feed, etc., etc.

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