How to SEO Your Site E-Book Updated – Version 4

Filed in Site News by Matt McGee on May 31, 2012 0 Comments

How to SEO Your Site in 60 MinutesThis is just a quick note to announce that I’ve finished a small update to my e-book, How to SEO Your Site in 60 Minutes. If you’ve previously purchased the e-book from me, you should’ve received the updated version (free) via email this morning.

Changes in this latest update are very minor — just a couple word choice changes, and changes to reflect the fact that Yahoo Site Explorer no longer exists. Instead, I suggest using Open Site Explorer for a quick look at inbound links.

I’m thinking about writing a new e-book dedicated to blogging and content development (and perhaps with some social media in the mix, too) because that’s where the vast majority of my consulting work has been over the past few years. But if I go in that direction, it won’t happen for a while.

Either way, I’m thinking this may be the final update to the SEO e-book and I may eventually stop offering it altogether. But it’s still available for now, still very relevant and still a good look at the basics of on-page SEO.

(If you do place an order eventually, be aware that I don’t have any auto-download system in place. I manually email the e-book when I get notified that an order has been placed. Your patience is appreciated in case I’m away from the computer when you order.)

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