How to Report Errors with Google Maps

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Google Maps logoOne of the first things that becomes obvious when you start to read the Google Maps Help Group is that there are a lot of errors with the mapping system. There are daily posts from map users and business owners reporting that a certain business or location is, in reality, located somewhere other than where it appears on the map. They’re not reporting bad business data in Google’s business listings — this is bad data on the map side of things, which is to be expected to some degree.

If this is happening to your small business, it might be costing you customers. So do what you can to get it fixed. Here’s what you need to know:

1.) Google gets its map data from two providers — NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas — and both provide online methods to report needed changed to their maps.

2.) Use Google Maps to find out which provider is the source of the map where you’ve found an error. You should see text at the bottom of the map listing either NAVTEQ or Tele Atlas.

3.) Use one of these links to submit the error or updated map information: NAVTEQ or Tele Atlas

(Note: the Tele Atlas link above is a redirect from another page. If it no longer works when you’re reading this post, try this page instead, or go to the Tele Atlas home page and look under the SUPPORT tab.)

4.) Finally, you can also report problems to Google. Joel, one of the Google Maps Guides posting in the Help Group, invited people to use this link to report inaccurate map data.

And then be patient. 🙂

Thanks to Stephen for assistance.

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  1. JW says:

    Thanks for the great site! I’ve been able to report all of the problems I have. But one question, do you know if there is any way to report bad business data? I don’t know where Google gets the data feed from, but with street names like “King”, “Queen” and “John” all of the hip/cool down-town restaurants show up in my little small suburb neighbourhood. I did try to issue change requests, however as I was not the “business owner” of the non-existant businesses, it was rejected, same problem with the Yellow Pages, someones database was mangled along the way!

  2. mp says:

    google offers a route only in combination with paid streets and will be very useful to have directions without this highways.please give us the possibility to chose this from the menu!

  3. sally sue says:

    Can’t you just click on “report a problem” in the lower right hand corner of the map? That’s what I did.

  4. Matt McGee says:

    Well, this post was written almost 3 years ago. The “Report a problem” link was just added a month ago.

  5. Robert DeMott says:

    I live in Reflection Isles in Fort Myers, Florida. Google Maps lables the sub-division as Reflection Lakes. There is a sub-division called Reflection Lakes, but we are not it. Is there a way for Google to correct this mistake?
    Red Bluff Ln, Fort Myers, FL 33912

  6. Matt McGee says:

    Robert – when you look at the map, do you see the “Report a Problem” link in the lower right? I’d try using that. Good luck.

  7. Nigel Reynolds says:

    the barn on line tack shop taverham uk.
    This Company Has Not Been at The Advertised Address for 2 Years!
    The Nice people now in that private house would like some privacy.
    The phone No. does Not Work!

    Fix It GOOGLE!

    This Is Message No. 2!

    • Matt McGee says:

      Nigel – I’m a blogger based in Washington state. I’m not Google. If there’s a problem with the maps, look for the little “Report a Problem” link/button and submit it to Google that way. And then best to just be really patient, because updates are not made very frequently, unfortunately.

  8. John McNeill says:

    Dear All,

    Google seems to think London E16 1HN is in East Ham. It is not in East Ham it is in Canning Town. Can anyone help me get this across to Google as I can’s seem to, try as I might.


  9. cyp says:

    it should have a page that reports bugs. It is something different from mapping errors. Those are programing errors. And boy there are some huge ones.

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