How to Get Started with Your Web Stats

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And now for my record-setting 6th post of the day — and final post, because my fingers are about to fall off. But this is too good to save for the Friday links roundup:

Getting Started With Web Analytics: Step One – Glean Macro Insights

Avinash Kaushik does a brilliant job of laying out four questions to consider before diving too deep into your web stats:

1. How many visitors are coming to your website?
2. Where are they coming from?
3. What do you want them to do on the website?
4. What are they actually doing?

It sounds a bit simple, but I speak from experience when I say that tracking stats is a huge question mark for many small businesses. When I was working at OWT, I don’t think a month went by that I didn’t have to explain to a new client or prospect why “hits” is a useless metric. So, Avinash’s post is a great place to start for those who are new to looking at web stats.

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