How clear is your marketing message?

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This falls more under “general small business marketing” than “search marketing”, but it’s just too good to pass up.

Do you read Robert Middleton’s More Clients eZine? It’s part of his web site, and though it’s geared toward service professionals, truth is the material Robert shares is largely appropriate for any small business (and Big Business, too, for that matter). This week’s “More Clients” had a good article about how you frame your marketing message. And I want to excerpt this really great section in the middle of the article. I imagine many small businesses will see themselves — and their web sites — in this.

What are the biggest mistakes people make with marketing messages?

1. They are all about process, not solutions: “We prepare your taxes with the X100 auditing protocol.” Sorry, but nobody really cares.

2. They are just too general: “Profitability and productivity will increase.” Ho hum. What else is new?

3. They are unbelievable: “Your profits will increase faster in one month than they have in the past twelve.” Good if you can really deliver. But you’d better prove it or lose all your credibility.

4. They are too convoluted: “Our management approach utilizes an effective strategy that optimizes ten key factors in the throughput of primary marketing initiatives with bottom line measurability.” Say what???!!!

So just speak English. Tell what your clients get. Don’t be afraid to be bold, but make sure the message is above all clear, meaningful and interesting. That will draw prospects closer, wanting to know more.

Does any of that sound like your marketing message? Does it sound like the content of your web site? It probably does; I see that kind of stuff all the time on small business web sites.

So, if you’re reading this, why not go visit real quick and look for the “More Clients” sign-up box in the left column.

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  1. MrPenn says:


    Great tips. I see tons of sites every month where I can’t make heads or tails about what they do. “Our primary focus is the utilization of a professional XR-2345 to maximize the effective ROI and retention of your IT consumers”
    …and that is pretty much it. *gag* I have to call these people to discover that they are “Business Consultants focusing on information technology customer relations”…while still convulted– that means more to me than the previous jargon.
    Thanks for posting it (and I’ll have to sign up for the e-zine),

    Paul Drago

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