Happy Thanksgiving

Filed in Off-Topic by Matt McGee on November 21, 2007 0 Comments

This is what the dinner table looked like for Thanksgiving 2006. It’ll look about the same tomorrow, and I can’t wait. Once we start eating, our Thanksgiving tradition includes the four of us (we have two kids) going one at a time through the alphabet, naming something we’re thankful for with whatever letter we’re on. So, if I start with the letter “A”, my daughter will have to say something she’s thankful for that starts with “B”, and so on.

Kinda cheesy, maybe, but it’s what you do when you’re a parent. Plus, it gives me an excuse to give one of the kids a hard time if they get the letter “D” and don’t say “Dad!” (hehehe)

If you’re in the U.S., or celebrating Thanksgiving outside the U.S. for whatever reason, I hope it’s a good one. Lots to be thankful for at Casa McGee. Always is….

Back to blogging next week, I would imagine.

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