Google’s Supplemental Results Query: Broken?

Filed in Google by Matt McGee on July 5, 2007 12 Comments

(I first noticed this on Tuesday, but held off posting in case it was a temporary glitch. A couple days later, I’m assuming it’s not.)

It looks to me like the “show all your Google supplemental results” query is broken. As a reminder, this kind of query is supposed to show only results from Google’s supplemental index: *** -asdfgh

From what I’m seeing on several domain queries, you get the same amount of results on that type of query that you get with a standard site: query. Here are examples:

Standard site: Query

google screenshot

Supplemental site: Query

google screenshot 2

Those two numbers should not be the same. Note: On the supplemental query, you may first only get shown a handful of results, i.e., “1-4 of 4.” But if you click the “show omitted results” link, you end up getting the same number of results as the standard site: query.

To my knowledge, this was never an official Google search operator. But unless I missed the news, it looks like they’ve disabled this and made it impossible for us to see a site’s supplemental results.

(Did I miss the news somewhere else?)

Update: Thanks to Michael & Michael in the comments, this appears to only be happening at some Google data center(s). Yet I’ve been hitting the ‘broken’ data center for three days running now….

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  1. SoloSEO says:

    Not broken for me. Try:

    for Andy’s site (1130 results after clicking show all)

    for Todd’s site (363 results)

    for Danny’s site (246 results)

    Maybe it’s just your data center? Try finding another data center IP and changing that out for the in the URL.

  2. Matt McGee says:

    Yeah, it seems to be a data center-specific issue, then. I used these two and the query still works on both:

    But I go to and whatever data center I’m hitting there — not working.

  3. SoloSEO says:

    My data center is:

    Try pinging to find out which data center you use. On a Windows machine, do Start > Run > type “cmd” > then in the new window prompt type “ping”. When you want it to stop press ctrl + c. On a mac open the Terminal program in Applications > Utilities and type “ping”.

  4. Ryan_Lash says:

    I noticed the same thing this week (on IP and I have a TINY site compared to my peers:***+-adfsdasdf

    Strange, I feel so insecure all of a sudden.


  5. Matt McGee says:

    It’s still broken for me. And I’m also on … ??

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