Google SERPs using AdWords titles (Update: Nope!)

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As pointed out to me in the SEW Forums, that title may look like an exact match of the AdWords ad, but it’s also an exact match of a DMOZ/ODP listing for my wife’s site. I have no recollection of ever submitting her site there, but maybe someone added it on their own.

Off to add the NOODP…case closed.


How’s this for two steps forward, one step back?

After all the hype about the big 3 search engines agreeing to support the NOODP tag, and about Yahoo agreeing to support a No Yahoo Directory tag, Google is using SERP titles from AdWords listings rather than the page title in some cases.

Check this out: SERP

That’s the regular SERP for a search on my wife’s domain name,

This… is the SERP when you do a search on her name, Cari McGee:

Google SERP using AdWords title

Are you kidding me??? That SERP title is coming from her Local Business Ad in the AdWords system, which you can see here:

AdWords sample

They give you a measly 25 characters for an AdWords ad, and now they’re using it as your headline in the regular SERPs? How does that “improve the user experience”? Better question: How does that improve the advertiser experience? They’re the ones footing the bill for … what? … 98% of Google’s revenue?

Time for a NOADWORDS tag, I say. Who’s with me?

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