Google Maps gets more “more info”

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Google has expanded the info. box (my term) that appears inside the Maps interface when you click for more information about a business or other listing. The expanded box now fills the main map window, and offers the same information as before (overview, details, reviews, web sites) — but those links now display in the maps interface rather than taking you to a separate page.

To access the expanded info box, look for the “more info” links either in the listings on the left, or under the business name on the initial, smaller info. box. Here’s a screenshot which shows it better than what I just wrote:

Google Maps

Pretty much any search should lead you to the new info box, but you can use hotels in Seattle if you have trouble.

Ultimately, it’s nothing earth-shattering, but certainly a wise move to keep the user inside the maps interface rather than putting reviews and such on separate pages.

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