Google Loves You … Yahoo Doesn’t?

Filed in Yahoo by Matt McGee on May 17, 2007 1 Comment

If that sounds familiar to you, head over to Search Engine Roundtable, where Barry is offering a chance to get some help:

I have created a thread just for you to post examples at our forums, submit it to Site Ranking Poorly in Yahoo But Well in Google and I will do what I can to get Yahoo to review those sites and give us feedback.

The only criteria is that you have to have a top ten in Google for that phrase and not rank in the top 75 at Yahoo for the same phrase. If those conditions are met, I will do my best to get Yahoo to review those threads. I can’t force them, but I will try to encourage them.

I’ve run into this situation with clients and prospects recently, and my extremely unscientific guess is that Yahoo is giving more credit for lower-quality backlinks — links that Google doesn’t give credit for. So what happens is that lower quality sites can rank better in Yahoo, forcing the higher quality sites (that do well in Google) further down Yahoo’s SERPs. But your mileage may vary….

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