Google+ Local Page: Already in Top Ten

Filed in Local Search, SEO by Matt McGee on June 5, 2012 5 Comments

As I was saying about Google+ Local Pages ranking well, there’s this:


My wife’s Google+ Local page is already ranking on page one. It has no inbound links that I’m aware of, but I’m gonna give it one now and see what happens over time. I suspect it’ll pass that Active Rain profile soon enough. The other URLs have age/links in their favor (the ones from or the power of Facebook’s domain.

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  1. Sahid Fawaz says:

    I’m unclear. Wouldn’t such a specific search term – Cari McGee real estate agent – result in that high of ranking anyway? Or are you making a different point I’m unaware of?

  2. I have a slightly different scenario going on with my employer’s website & Google+ account(s). Search term “Kennewick Ranch and Home”

    Top Result – Notice the Google+ Local Link & the link txt.

    Bottom of Page 1 – Google+ account created with Google Apps for Domains. This account I can actually post to.

  3. Would be interesting to see that result in the SERPs for a search like: “real estate agent Tri-Cities WA”…

  4. Sure will be nice when they clean up that messy URL set of numbers and let us tweak/customize that part. Thanks for the case study though…I can verify seeing these pop onto page 1 or near for a few things I’ve been working on lately. +1 is clearly here to stay.

  5. Isaac Wendt says:

    I think this is interesting, but if you take the name out what do you get? I wonder if we will ever be able to rank a Google + page for dental TX or something of that nature.

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