Google Checkout on life support?

Filed in Google, PPC Advertising by Matt McGee on August 21, 2006 1 Comment

Google Checkout logoGoogle is taking it on the chin today about the Google Checkout service, their supposed “PayPal killer” which has fallen way short of expectations. It began with PiperJaffray analyst Safa Rashtchy (an Important Person) writing about a survey his firm did recently of 30 retailers.

Among the online retailers who are not using Google Checkout, 81% indicated concern about ceding ownership of a customer to Google. Specifically, online retailers were concerned that Google stores all customer information, and Google Checkout limits an online retailer’s ability to directly market to a customer via e-mail.

You can read more of Rashtchy’s comments as reported by Brian Smith on Meanwhile, over on the ZDNet blog, Donna Bogatin sums up Google’s Checkout struggles.

When Google launched Checkout, I wrote a bit about the pros and cons of Google Checkout, with a quick mention that it’s probably a good idea for small businesses to use it “… if you don’t mind Google knowing even more about you and your customers, like their credit card numbers, for starters.”

Well, six weeks after launch, I’m still yet to hear from a single small business owner who knows about Google Checkout and wants to use it. I am, however, soon to start on a small business web site on which Paypal will be the shopping cart of choice.

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  1. Wolf Halton says:

    I am looking at google checkout to amalgamate all my stuff on one platform. This article is now almost 4 years old, so I guess google checkout is dead. They don’t advertise it forcefully, and the top searches on google return your articles.

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