Google Adds Place Editor to Maps Home Page

Filed in Featured, Google, Local Search by Matt McGee on August 26, 2011 3 Comments

I don’t know if I’m opted-in to some kind of small test or not, but there’s a new feature showing up on the Google Maps home page today: A small message/tool in the bottom left of the screen that asks me to help edit “places you might know.” Here’s what it looks like:


Clicking on the blue text/link at the bottom brought up a couple business listings … from Hawaii. Whoops. That’s not exactly my neighborhood, Google, but I sure wish it was.


The little question mark icon in the upper right explains what’s going on and why I was asked to help edit a couple place in Hawaii: because I recently rated/reviewed other places in the area. (Which is true … my wife and I recently spent a week in Hawaii.)


Neither David nor Mike had seen this when I sent them screenshots earlier. David says its reminds him of the Facebook Places editor … but Facebook’s editor is a bit smarter in that it lets me choose where I want to help edit places, including in my actual hometown.

Anyhoo … it’s all interesting because Google seems to be pushing out more tweaks/changes/updates more often these days. Nary a week goes by without seeing something new in Maps/Places.

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  1. frann says:

    It’s needed. They sent me to the wrong place when I got directions to the Edinburgh High Court last week. Luckily it wasn’t too far to go but I ended up walking twice as far

  2. Seth says:

    It seems like every time I conduct any type of local/map search (which is almost daily!) something has changed. Is it just me, or is the big G changing things around as much as Facebook these days?

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