Game On: March Madness contest for SEO/PPC folks

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basketballThe best three weeks of the year are about to begin. I’m talking about the NCAA basketball tournament, better known as March Madness. Just like last year, it’s time to show off your basketball smarts in a friendly competition against your fellow search marketers. (And just like last year, I’ll win*.) 🙂

Teams and brackets will be announced on Sunday, when I will likely be in an airplane headed for New York. So, I’ve set up a Tournament Pick-Em group a few days early — you can sign-up now and then choose your winners next week. We had about 40 people in the contest last year, and I’m guessing we’ll end up with more this time out.

Here’s what you need to know:

What’s it cost? Nada. Free. All you need is a Yahoo account.

What’s at stake? Links! Winner gets the links. No money is changing hands. No paid links. 😉

Where do I join? Start here, and use the info. below to find the “SEO Madness” group.

Group ID: 49489

Group password: nofollow

Is David Mihm allowed to play? Yes, even though he runs the amazing NCAA tournament predictions site, Bracketography, and has more phat knowledge than the rest of us combined, we’ll be happy to have DM in the contest. (No pressure on him, or anything like that.)

That’s all! Get yourself signed into the SEO Madness group and may the best man/woman win!

* Actually, I have no chance this year. I’ve only watched one game from start to finish all season long.

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