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Bitter Beer Face!

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This is one of my favorite photo from SMX West: Poor Danny S. isn’t too fond of the taste of beer (me, neither), but during the Search Bowl they weren’t able to bring him anything he really wanted to drink. So, this was a common sight: Bitter Beer Face! I also caught Lisa Barone having a case of BBF, too. Ha! While you’re at it, you may as well check out the full set of 41 photos:

SMX West 2008 on Flickr

Next Up: SearchFest 2008!

The first of my 8-appearances-in-14-weeks is finished, so next up is one of my favorite events: SearchFest 08 in Portland, OR, which is put on by the good folks at the SEMpdx organization. Last year’s inaugural event was a blast, and this year’s version will be bigger and better.

SearchFest will take place all day on Monday, March 10 — that’s eight days away. If you’re thinking about attending, how about an extra $40 off the registration price?

Use code SEMBD to save $40 on your SearchFest 08 registration — but don’t wait too much longer. Click here and scroll down to register.

I’ll be the sole speaker on the “Small Biz SEM” session, and my presentation is (tentatively) titled “Guerrilla Marketing for Small Businesses.” Darcy Hill, my longtime co-worker, will be there, as will Nick Berliner, our new SEO Manager at Marchex.

I hope to see you there!

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