Friday Night Link-o-Rama

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Because some links are better than others…

Todd Malicoat writes one of the best posts you’ll read all year, especially if you’re building — or re-building — the company web site anytime soon: 18 Questions Your CEO Forgot to Ask When Building Your Website. Read it. Bookmark it. Print it. Etc.

And speaking of building web sites, a lot of small businesses are bound to be impacted by the phaseout of Microsoft Front Page, the worst and possibly most widely-used HTML editor on the market. I remember hearing a little bit about this several months ago, but Jim Boykin has the latest on what could be a headache for many small businesses.

Along the same theme, Andrew Goodman has some screenshots of what happens when someone fails to fully use all the features of a content management system.

Matt Cutts spills a lot of beans about Google PageRank, and if you read his post and come away thinking anything other than “It’s useless to worry about PageRank,” then we didn’t read the same thing. Seriously, small business owners/webmasters — there are dozens, maybe hundreds of more important things you should be focusing on other than that little green bar.

Like PageRank, “latent semantic indexing” (LSI) is another hot topic in SEO circles recently. Mike Grehan does a nice deconstruction of the subject on ClickZ.

And finally, another “don’t focus on it too much” warning, this one about Alexa stats. Loren Baker goes over and through the ease of manipulating Alexa data in a Search Engine Journal post from last weekend.

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