Friday Night Link-O-Rama

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You know what they say? Link like you mean it….

Good find by Donna at SEO Scoop about Google and outbound linking. She covers a Webmaster World thread where Google’s Adam Lasnik clarifies that one bad outbound link (to a “bad neighborhood”) isn’t the end of the world; it’s patterns that the algorithm looks for.

John Battelle and his assistant Melanie recently chatted with Google’s Matt Cutts about some SEO/SEM topics. Most noteworthy to me is Matt’s comments at the end about different methods to sell links from your web site without tripping Google’s Big Red “Bad Thing” Button.

Want some more Google stuff? The AdWords blog has wrapped up their “Video ads tips and tricks” series with part 3. Pretty basic stuff in this last post. The permalink is here but brings up a 404 at the moment. Very odd. You may just need to read it off the AdWords blog home page.

The Google/Intuit marriage is the subject of Patricia Hursh’s latest column on The article pumps up the benefits to small businesses and ends with a necessary reminder that we’ll just have to see to what level small biz owners actually use the new tools available to them. And that’s why I’m not sold it’s that big of a deal: What will the follow-through be?

And for your laughing convenience, I’ve put all the Friday Night Funnies into their own, brand spanking new category. Who loves ya?

Have a great weekend … Go Seahawks!

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