Friday Night Link-O-Rama

Filed in Link Building, PPC Advertising by Matt McGee on September 22, 2006 0 Comments

(And this is the other regular Friday night feature…)

If you’re looking for some .edu link love, SEOmoz blogger EGOL shares 10 tips for getting .edu links. It’s a good list, but also important to keep in mind that .edu links are not, by default, always better than .com links. They’re great, yes, but you should analyze the value of an inbound .edu link just as you would any other inbound link.

Staying with the link building theme, Andy Hagans shares a list of four trusted links you can build today. So the last one is an ad for Text Link Ads … the info. is still good.

If you’re following that “Video Ads Tips” series over on the Inside AdWords blog, part two is now available. I don’t know that many small businesses are doing video ads, but maybe bookmark it for the future just in case.

This was written for the Oprah/moms crowd, but gut instinct tells me there are plenty of small business owners who would benefit from How to explain RSS the Oprah way.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Go Seahawks!

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