Friday night link-o-rama

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Biggest link-o-rama ever! Tell your friends!

Tired of the cut-and-paste routine when trying to get data off a web page and into MSFT Excel? Jarrod at discovers a cool trick to ease that process and shares the potential SEO uses for it.

On the subject of inbound links and SERPs, Jim Boykins offers a good reminder that quality is more important than quantity.

Matt Cutts-this, Matt Cutts-that … well, annoying Cuttlets or not, the guy does share some gold with us common-folk. Jaimie Sirovich has compiled 21 SEO Tips as seen on Matt’s blog.

Barry reported at SE Roundtable today that the MSN “Windows Live” search engine wasn’t passing any referrer data; you couldn’t know how much traffic the engine was sending you, what keywords referred your visitors, etc. Down in the comments of that post, one reader reports the problem fixed. But still….

Someone please tell Patricia Hursh to stop encouraging them. She wrote an article on this week about how local search isn’t just for local (i.e., small) businesses. SHHHHHH!!! Local search marketing is tough enough for the small business owner — we don’t need anyone helping Big Business enter the space…..

Ever wonder if there are any links to your site in Wikipedia? Wonder no more. Steve Rubel this week wrote about a new page on Wikipedia that lets you check all the outgoing links from Wikipedia to any domain. This is very helpful for reputation management, if nothing else.

And finally, for you web designers in the reading audience, Cameron Moll writes about the inevitable switch to designing for 1024px resolution, and suggests 960 pixels wide as the best width to use. Curiously, at OWT, we are at this moment working on the first site we’ve done specifically for 1024px wide. And it’s not something we’ll continue to do for all clients — our stats still show many clients have substantial usage (10% to 30%) at the 800×600 size.

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