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Before the links, an open request to all search/marketing bloggers: Can we please stop with the “Which presidential candidate has the best search campaign?” posts? Seriously. Am I supposed to cast my vote based on the candidates’ PPC skills? Their ability to do reputation management in the natural SERPs? Who has the most MySpace friends? Who cares? Please. One post about that was enough. Thanks.

Moving on to the links…

I had a long post written and ready to publish about a month or two ago, in which I wrote about how I’m trying to control the Top Ten Google results for [matt mcgee], and what I was doing to help that process along. (Hint: It’s why I occasionally link from this blog to my Flickr photos, my Yelp profile, and my other social media profiles.) Then I decided not to post it and deleted the whole thing because I thought it would sound way too vain. Heh. Heh. So now Todd goes and gives away the golden egg, telling everyone exactly how to do it: Reputation Management Emancipation Proclamation – 10 Ways to “Own Yourself” Online. I should’ve posted … but I’m glad Todd did.

In the news this week:

  • On SEL, Barry reports that Google will add an “Unavailable After” tag, letting webmasters tell the spider when a page should stop being crawled; i.e., a sales page with a limited-time-only promotion, etc. I like it.
  • Yahoo pulls a fast one by pushing its “search suggestions” technology out to the main searchbar. Google has a similar tool sitting in Google Labs.
  • Danny and crew release the incredibly addictive and distracting Sphinn. (Note to clients: My July deadlines will need to be pushed back to August. Thx for understanding.)

I’ve seen a lot of posts on this topic in the last couple weeks, but I like David Wallace’s take on the subject: Should SMBs Be Worried About Google’s Universal Search?

And finally… John Andrews condenses a Domainer’s Gazette post that can help with your keyword number-crunching: Estimating Keyword Search Traffic Volume.

That’s all for this week – have a great weekend!

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