Friday Night Link-o-rama

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…I get by with a little link from my friends…

I’m hoping to put together a little post soon on user reviews, and I’ll probably borrow some of the data from a couple Marketing Pilgrim posts this week: Four Things You Should Know About Collecting User Reviews, and the follow-up: Five More Important Facts About User Reviews in E-tail.

There were a couple posts this week that I think did a terrific job of addressing the small business webdev/online marketing challenge, perhaps somewhat unintentionally:

  • On Grokdotcom, Holly Buchanan peeked into my former life doing web development and wrote about the problem of business owners who don’t appreciate the need to plan a web development project. Been there, done that! Note to small business owners: The planning is the most important part of your web site development.
  • On SEOmoz, Geraldine guest-authored The SEO’s Guide to Beginners, which really nails what it’s sometimes like to work with small business owners on SEO and online marketing.

Michael Gray asked for feedback from his readers on article syndication sites. About two dozen comments right now with some interesting anecdotal evidence. Since it’s just opinions and personal experience, the burden’s on your to separate the wheat from the chaff. But still a good discussion….

This one is actually more than a week old and would’ve been included in last week’s link-o-rama if I’d seen it, but I didn’t. Don’t let that stop you from reading Stephan Spencer’s SEO: Metrics That Matter on the Practical E-Commerce site.

And finally…, Yahoo announced this week that Flickr photos are now included in Yahoo Image Search. I believe that’s my cue to remind you — or introduce you, if you’re a new reader — about How to Market on Flickr.

That’s all for this week – have a good weekend!

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