Friday Night Link-o-rama

Filed in Bing, Google, Link Building, Web Site Content by Matt McGee on March 30, 2007 1 Comment

I’ll be watching you / Every link you take…

MSN Search … err, Live Search… doesn’t really have a lot going for it. Nobody uses it. No one optimizes for it. And so it stinks that they’ve taken away the one thing it did better than anyone else: advanced link query operators. Sheesh.

Meanwhile, here are a couple good looks at two services from the Google: Jeremy Luebke has a First Look at Google Audio (Radio) Ads and Patrick Schaber provides a movie review-style title in his post, Google’s Website Optimizer: A Slick New Tool Worth Trying. Like, seriously, you can see the quote in Google’s next ad already: “Slick New Tool Worth Trying” — Patrick Schaber 🙂

Seems like we have at least Search Engine Guide link every week nowadays, and keeping the streak alive is Jenn Laycock’s Using Blog Search Engines to Build Links.

Selling small business owners on the need for great content was often one of the most challenging aspects of my old job. “People don’t read online”, they always said. I could’ve written this post word-for-word, but Bryan Eisenberg beat me to it: The Web’s Old Wives Tale: People Don’t Read Online. Well worth the read. Good stats, too.

David Wallace takes a look at what goes into an enjoyable experience for clients and SEOs alike: 10 Steps To a Successful SEO Relationship.

And totally off-topic, but worth the download… a Snow Patrol / Police mash-up called “Every Car You Chase”. Brilliant.

That’s all for this week – go Gators!

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  1. Matt – looks like my days of NCAA pool gloating are over with the Hoyas getting beat. Nice work organizing that!

    Thanks also for the post mention! Maybe I should trademark the phrase. 🙂

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