Friday night link-o-rama

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So many links, so little time.

Who needs when you’ve got Graywolf (Michael Gray) sharing a terrific list on of links to Link Building articles. A must-bookmark.

Nick Usborne writes this week about getting that “one thing” into your page headlines. What’s the “one thing,” you ask? No, not the old INXS song. Nick’s referring to the hook — the offer or the main purpose of the page.

If you are presenting a risk-free trial of something…get that message into your headline.

If your product is 20% cheaper than last week, get that 20% or dollar savings figure into the headline.

This may sound obvious, but while we were testing various offer pages, it became clear that the winning pages all had headlines which were focused on the offer, and were very much reader and benefit centered.

And finally, going through a web site redesign? Or maybe you will be soon? Do not miss David Wallace’s article this week on Search Engine Guide, Ten things to consider when going through a site redesign.

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