Friday Night Link-o-rama

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And she’s buying a stairway to linkheaven…

Hot off the presses is a good post from Loren Baker within the last couple hours titled Link Building : Measuring Directory Value. He sums up another discussion on the topic and adds in a few additional ideas and resources.

Lee Odden, one of my former interviewees, has a short and sweet list of 10 ways to use press releases as marketing tools.

Most folks have been saying for a long time that Alexa stats are about as valuable as a $3 bill. Google’s Director of Research, Peter Norvig, proves it.

Lisa likes to talk about how she never posts anything that has actual search value on the Bruce Clay blog, but I caught her breaking that rule this week: Which Is Better For SEO: Shared or Dedicated IPs. Look at her tossing all those percentages and stats around just as casual as can be….

How about 15 helpers to spruce up your blog with images? Philipp (one L, two Ps) shares Tips for Using Images in Blogs. I’ll get Philipp’s first name right the more I link to his posts….

And finally, a real timely post (for me, at least) from Neil Patel, with Let Friends Help You Get on Reddit. I just created a Reddit account about a week ago, so I’ll gladly take all the help Neil (and others) can give.

That’s all for this Friday night – hope you have a great weekend.

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