Friday Night Link-o-rama

(Better a day late than never is what I always say. “But, Matt, why not call it ‘Saturday Night Link-o-rama?’ Duh. So I can search for back posts with the same post title.)

I love great writing. And I love reading about great writing. So, it was cool to see copywriting-related posts this week. Dean asks and answers the question, What’s The Most Effective Word You Can Use In A Headline? And Neil Patel puts together a short list of 5 Sure-Fire Social Media Headline Formulas That Work.

As long as we’re discussing social media, I liked Garrett’s post on Search Engine Journal that serves as an introduction of sorts to StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon Defined vs. Digg, Google, MySpace and More. If I’m reading that correctly, it’s the first in a series on StumbleUpon.

Also on Search Engine Journal was Loren’s Guide to Link Buying : Directories, Ads and Reviews.

Two especially good posts from Patrick Schaber this week at Lonely Marketer: Creating a Buzz? A Milestone Paper Co. Knows How, which is part of a series where he interviews small business owners about their marketing efforts — highly recommended reading for other small business owners. The other post to check out is 9 Steps To Moving Your Blog and Selecting Plugins, which I may end up doing again soon. I’ve got the itch to switch templates again….

Bred Geddes also had two posts that grabbed my attention: Scraper sites steal your content. Use them to Build Your Traffic., and the short-but-sweet High Converting Landing Pages.

This would’ve caught my eye even if it wasn’t about something my employer is doing. Peter K. writes: Marchex Works to Upgrade Local URL Sites.

Brian got a lot of deserved attention this week for his 16-point list, How To Generate Targeted Site Traffic Without Search Engines. Some good stuff in there for small businesses, though I’d recommend #16 for very few of the clients I’ve worked with over the years. (But for a couple of them, you know….)

That’s all for this week. I’ll aim for Friday night next time.

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  1. Hey Matt, Thanks for the mention! I appreciate it. You’ll enjoy this…the next small business marketing interview is with Rosenblum Cellars discussing the peel-off label.

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