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Got sick on Friday and have been mostly under the weather and unplugged all weekend, so rather than let these collected links go to waste, here’s what I would’ve posted Friday night….

I remember one day, probably 6-7 years ago, doing what must’ve been 100-200 domain name lookups for a client to see what was available and what wasn’t. And I remember thinking … Man, there are some good domains here. I hope no one’s able to spy on me as I search, because they could make a killing by grabbing these names before my client does. Seems Mike Belasco might’ve encountered such a situation: Is Instant Domain Search stealing your ideas?

In light of what we all saw the National Pork Board go through over the past two weeks, you could say this is kinda timely: Li Evans has a list of 31 Places to Monitor Your Reputation Online.

StumbleUpon continues to get a lot of buzz these days, and it’s still the No. 1 referrer to this blog, but Brad Geddes points out a potential problem your analytics software may be having: StumbleUpon Visitors Not Identified by Analytics.

First there was the -30 penalty, then came the -950 penalty. At Search Engine Roundtable, Barry summarizes and links to a discussion of what might be causing the -950 penalty, citing a Google patent application — and also making sure to mention that it’s all theory at this point.

While we’re on the subject of Google, and penalties and filters, Joe Whyte puts together a list of Google filters, how to get around them and exploit their loop holes. It’s a good list, though I’m not sure I agree with everything listed. I also think the “how to get around them” part needs more depth — most of those filters are worthy of some very in-depth discussion.

Since the “holistic approach” to online marketing is all the rage these days, Jeremiah’s Owyang’s vbery comprehensive list, The Many Forms of Web Marketing for the 2007 Web Strategist, shares a good overview of all the avenues to consider.

If you have the right Firefox tools installed, you might appreciated Tricks for viewing cloaked content from Stephan Spencer.

And finally… Andy Sack of Judy’s Book has a good post titled What Yelp did better than Judy’s Book. It’s great to see such openness from company leaders. Also noteworthy is Andy’s mention that Judy’s Book is re-launching with a new focus this quarter.

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