Friday night link-o-rama

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I can’t link … with or without you…

(I assume you all know the song reference there.)

Seems like local search has been the leadoff topic of the last couple link posts, and this one is no different. Two links tonight, neither of which is about hands-on local SEO, but more about bigger picture trends and theory:

My friend David W. has some terrific thoughts for any business that’s in the market for an e-commerce system: What To Look For in a SEO Friendly E-Commerce Application. Now, as soon as someone writes a similar article about CMSs in general, I’ll be one happy puppy.

I tried Yahoo Publisher Network on this blog a couple months ago, and was less than impressed with the ad targeting over the course of a month or so. Still, it was a good learning experience, just as the Google ads that you see now are. (PPC is not a specialty of mine.) In any case, if you’re running Yahoo ads on your site/blog, you may want to tune in to the Optimizing for Relevancy series on the YPN blog. That link is for Part One.

Finally, I like when other SEOs post about creative ways to get links. Chris Winfield did that this week with Building Links Using Netscape Video. Maybe not useful for all small businesses, but certainly useful for some!

Have a great weekend! I’m not gonna say “GO (you know who)”, because every time I’ve done that on a Friday night, they lose. And now we’re in the playoffs, so I can’t afford to jinx them.

OH! Speaking of football, please allow me to toot my own horn for a moment with another link. Yours truly was the big winner of the Search Engine Optimization fantasy football league, beating out some of my most esteemed SEO peers. 🙂 If you click the link, you’ll see “Instant Breakfast – League Champion.” That’s me!

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  1. Congrats Matt! S-Jax and Westbrook were a nasty combination this year.

    With Netscape Video – this is actually a great way for small businesses to incorporate video cheaply (free) and get some links as well. Thanks a lot for the mention.

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