Friday Night Link-o-rama

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It’s the last linkfest of the year, so let’s make it a good one, shall we?

Since it’s that time of year, Chris Winfield takes us through the 101 Biggest Stories in Search 2006 at 10e20.

Here’s some good content/SEO advice from Ian McAnerin, whose opinions and ideas I trust tremendously. Sitemap – Embarrassment or Godsend? covers some best practices for handling the HTML site map you might/should have on your web site.

I love this post from John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing titled 5 Ways to Get More Abundant in 2007. Couldn’t agree more with this: “You can’t grow unless you are uncomfortable. Write a book. Start a radio show. Create a podcast. You are so much bigger than you are allowing yourself to be. Reach.” Amen. That’s kinda sorta what I was trying to explain in my year in review post the other night. Todd told me I had to self-promote in order to grow this blog and improve my “lot” in the industry. So, quite uncomfortably, I started networking and self-promoting (things I’m not real good at), and here I am with the new job, a growing blog, etc. So, yeah, like John J. says — reach.

Do you use Google’s Webmaster Central? I don’t. I’m in the “my sites get indexed, crawled, and rank just fine without the help” camp, but I’ve been giving some thought to trying it out because they keep adding new features which seem pretty cool. Whether you’re using it now, or thinking about it like me, don’t miss Barry’s post about webmasters losing trust in Webmaster Central.

Following up on my recent interview with Lee Odden, I got an email from Paul Krupin, an old friend from my days at OWT. Paul is in the PR biz, and has worked with a lot of small businesses and clients. He pointed me to this handy 2007 Publicity Planner Calendar (PDF), which is available free on his web site (along with a lot of other PR-related articles and info).

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