Friday Night Link-o-rama

We wish you a merry linkmas, we wish you a merry linkmas, we wish you a merry linkmas, and …. ?

Lots of stuff related to local search to share:

Bill Slawski dives into a recent Google patent that seems to suggest a telling possibility: the definition of “local”, i.e. – how wide an area is included in a local search query results, may be dependent on the category being searched. In other words, a local pizza search would be relevant over a smaller geographic area than a local car dealer search, because you’re probably not willing to drive 40 miles for a pizza, but you could be for the right car. Interesting!

Some good data from Mike Blumenthal, who did some digging through Google Maps to see where they get their restaurant reviews and where they get the restaurant listing data.

After just a week of use, AskCity —’s new local search portal — has some interesting stats. The folks at the blog shared some quick lists detailing how AskCity is being used. Not surprising to see “pizza” as the top food search, but quite surprised to see “massage” as the top business service search. Holiday stress, I suppose….

The folks at the Yahoo Publisher Network blog gave the carkeys to Lee Odden earlier this week, and Lee delivered a good roundup of five low-cost marketing tips for small biz owners … and one bonus tip, too!

I like this one from Stephan Spencer: Editing Wikipedia for SEO.

And that’s all the links for this Friday night. Have a great weekend!

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