Friday Night Link-o-rama

All I want for Christmas is a one-way link, a one-way link, a one-way link….

If you’re trying to learn SEO by yourself, read up on what’s going on at Search Engine College, one of the SEO training classes I reference in my “Big Ideas for Small Sites & Small Budgets” presentations at SES. It’s expanding quite a bit! The article comes from Kim Krause-Berg, one of my new friends from Chicago.

Also in my “Small Biz” presentation at SES is a hearty recommendation for Jennifer Laycock’s e-book, Small Business Guide to Search Engine Marketing. Jennifer, who’s just back from maternity leave (and has the cutest little baby boy since, well … my son), says an update is coming soon to the SBGtoSEM book.

Marketing on Flickr is another topic I speak about at SES, and my main point is to market while respecting the users and system. Over at Read/Write Web there’s a story about how not to market on Flickr. The company created a fake user profile and was eventually banned.

How long does it take your web site/page to load? According to a recent Jupiter Research/Akamai report, online shoppers will now wait only 4 seconds for a page to load, down from 8 seconds a few years ago. (Found via Peter D. and GA Experts.)

Some interesting data from Mike Blumenthal a couple weeks back…. He dug into Google Maps/Local a bit and came up with a list of online directories Google is using to get local business details. There are some obvious sources, and several I’ve never heard of.

Is Google’s “Quality Score” a concern these days? You might want to check out the AdWords Quality Score presentation from Brad Geddes, as delivered last month at the PubCon conference.

And since I don’t think I mentioned this while I was blogging from Chicago, Danny Sullivan used the SES conference to announce his new conference, Search Marketing Expo, which will launch next June in my adopted hometown of Chicago. Very excited about that, and very impressed by Danny’s cajones re: the timing of that announcement.

Have a great weekend and GO SEAHAWKS!

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