Friday Night Link-o-rama

Cuz we’re all linked up with no place to go….

Just today I came across Stephan Spencer’s blog for the first time, and the first post I read (his most recent one, too) is a knockout: MySpace marketing tips and success stories. Stephan shares some great, hands-on advice from, a company which has apparently done pretty well on MySpace.

Another great post today came from Rand, who gives away a Long List of Link Searches. May there never be another forum post or mailing list message from someone wondering how and where to go linkhunting.

Corporate blogging seems to be growing more and more, and if your company is thinking it’s time to dip your toes in these bloggy waters, don’t miss 21 Surefire Tips for a Successful Blog Launch.

You’re a small business? Check. Doing PPC? Check. Then surely you’re interested in hitting a local audience as best you can, and Patricia Hursh shared some good tips on ClickZ this week about localizing your PPC ad copy to improve results.

Here’s some great news: Yahoo! is going to add support for a “No Yahoo Directory” tag, which will let you opt out of having your Yahoo Directory listing used in Yahoo’s SERPs. Exact implementation is still TBA, but it’s a good and necessary addition to the NOODP tag which all 3 big engines now support.

Speaking of Yahoo!, you might be interested in their new Yahoo! Search Marketing blog.

And finally, speaking of PPC…, Greg Sterling took a look this week at the Google AdWords “Starter Edition”, which is geared for small businesses who may not be ready for the PPC full meal deal. Good stuff.

Have a great weekend.

Go Seahawks!

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