Friday Night Link-o-rama

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Because it’s a link-eat-link world out there….

Thanks to a good chat Peter K. had with folks at CitySearch, we learn that the “old timer” of the local search/directory scene has big plans for 2007, including a re-launch, rebranding, and more. Good stuff.

On a somewhat related note, if you follow the local/social search scene, either as a business participant or as an interested third party, you’ll want to read a couple posts this week from Judy’s Book co-founder Andy Sack: What’s been easy at Judy’s Book and What’s been hard at Judy’s Book.

With intense holiday competition coming up, Heidi Cohen writes a timely article on ClickZ about one of the lures small businesses might be considering to drive sales in the 4th quarter: Free Shipping and Handling Aren’t Free.

And if you’re using e-mail marketing, do have a look at Stefan’s Pollard’s ClickZ article today: Why Your E-mail Still Lands in the Junk Folder.

Have a great weekend, gang.

Go Seahawks!

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