Friday Night Funnies

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It seems like some webdev/marketing folks in the UK were spying on me all those years when I used to be a “slash” — as in web developer / search marketer. We had some really great clients that I still check on to this day, but for every one of those, we had five kooky prospects who remind me of the guy in a new video called Number One on the Google. It’s a great choice for my regular “Friday Night Funnies” post — quite funny and well acted.

PushON screen shotThe guy is some company’s marketing expert, or at least he seems to think he is. And he wants to get the company a web page on the “information superbypass.” How does he plan to go about it? You can guess where it goes: His brother’s son is “really up on this Interweb thing” and he’s going to do the web page as part of a school assignment. And to cap off the plan, the nephew “is gonna take our logo — you’ll never believe this — AND MAKE IT SPIN!!!!” LOL! And then once they have the web page with the spinning logo, some bloke who called can “get us to number one on the Google, which can explode our potential earnings!!!” All that for 150 quid.

All of this is the product of PushON, a Manchester-based online marketing firm which has created the video as a test of viral marketing. The video is available on their web site, but has also been posted to YouTube. Part of their plan has also involved purchasing reviews via, which PushON says on their blog has led to immediate traffic and links.

This is one of those paid reviews, which I debated for some time about doing or not. But it’s a funny video that hits home with some of my previous experiences. And I like the idea of a firm in the online marketing industry practicing what it preaches. I’m curious to see how it will turn out for PushON, so I’ve also subscribed to their blog to track it. Cheers, mates.

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