Foursquare: More Aggressive Post-Check-in Messaging

Filed in Local Search by Matt McGee on June 29, 2013 2 Comments

You may remember my post from about two months ago, when Foursquare emailed me, practically begging me to add tips to the places I had checked-in during a trip to Cleveland.

Here’s a similar email with slightly different messaging (including some stats on my past Foursquare tips) that Foursquare sent within minutes of me checking in to a local store this afternoon.


I find it interesting to watch Foursquare dial it up a notch in trying to get users past the check-in and into real (and searchable) local data like this. It’s similar to Google’s attempts to get people writing more local reviews. And I’m surprised that I don’t get similar pressure from Yelp after I check-in to places there.

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  1. Phil Rozek says:

    That’s smart on the part of Foursquare, in my opinion. Strike while the iron’s hot. Yelp also does that, but they ask for additional tips when you’re still in the process of posting a review, of course.

    It’s interesting to think of this as a traditional “upsell”: you’ve already completed the “transaction” that Foursquare (or Yelp) wants and needs you to complete, and they want to see if you say “Ah, what the heck – I’m on a roll here.”

  2. The wording’s really persuasive. Foursquare basically points out that you’ve got enough experience of that place and somewhat coerces you to respond. I won’t be surprised if that email will actually get me to leave a tip regardless of my mood.

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