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Jim Boykin of We Build Pages writes a couple terrific posts to help you find the best pages on others web sites to get links from.

If you’re out there in the jungle looking for people to link to you, there’s a good chance your attitude is that you want the other site to put your link on its home page. Jim says not so fast.

“…pass on the homepage (too expensive, and near impossible to get it worked into the content of the homepage) – aim for the “most relevant page” (google [ keyword keyword]) and also aim for the “most trusted, powerful page” via searching Yahoo for [] and let yahoo sort them by importance.”

This is really good stuff. Read it and wrap your head around it. Even if you’re not active in link hunting, the concepts about the value of a web page are worth the read.

Tips for finding the best pages to get links from: Part 1 | Part Two

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