Find (Almost) Anything with the New Google Maps Display!

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People have been talking for years about how smart Google is, and how it helps people save themselves during heart attacks, etc. I think they’re on to something. The Borg is getting smarter all the time, and I’m tellin’ ya, this new Google Maps display is like looking into the mind of Einstein.

Check out the amazing things Google can find:

Ethics in Washington, DC

Ethics in Washington, DC

Snow in San Diego

Snow in San Diego!

Sin in Las Vegas

Sin in Las Vegas!

Friends in Portland

You can even find your friends in Portland! And, if that’s not enough, Google can even help you locate your

keys in Seattle

keys in Seattle!

Google cannot, however, help you find gold in Fort Knox, the secret coke recipe in Atlanta, or Jimmy Hoffa in Chicago. Even worse, it can’t help you find a clue, some peace and quiet, or yourself.

Give it time.

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