Some Facebook Pages are missing Reviews

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UPDATE, AUGUST 24, 2018: Facebook is in the process of changing from “reviews” to “recommendations,” so numbers and other reporting may be off. For more information about this change, I highly recommend Aaron Weiche’s explainer article on


I keep hoping Facebook would just fix this problem and let me off the hook for having to blog about it, but after two weeks or so, it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen.

It was a couple weeks ago when I noticed that all of the reviews had gone missing from my wife’s Facebook Page. As I recall, she had about 10 glowing reviews on her Page with an overall 4.9 star rating. When I’d try to visit the dedicated sub-page for Reviews, Facebook would show this “content isn’t available” message:

Not only had the reviews gone missing, but the Reviews tab disappeared from her Page’s navigation and there was no option in Settings to return that tab.

There’s never a good time for this kind of thing to happen, but in our case the reviews disappeared right as we were ready to start a steady campaign to increase her review profile across the web. She’s using a new customer management platform and we’d created a handful of stock emails that would be sent out to past clients to invite them to leave reviews on several different sites — Facebook included. And given Facebook’s ubiquity, that seems to be the platform where we’d find the least resistance to posting a review. Everyone is on Facebook, after all!

Facebook seems to know about the problem. There are numerous threads about the missing reviews in the Page help forums; here’s one where the original post is two years old, but there’s been a flurry of “it’s happening again” posts in the past couple weeks. There’s a similar thread in the Facebook developers’ forum where at least one Facebook employee has posted — with a bit of frustration, it seems — that the board is for developer issues, not Page owners’ issues.

What’s odd is that the problem isn’t consistent across desktop and mobile. On desktop, I see nothing — no reviews, no Reviews tab, etc., as described above. But on mobile, her Page shows the Reviews tab and has the shell of the reviews … but each post is completely empty, as you see here:

At this point, I’m beyond frustrated. Word-of-mouth marketing is bread and butter for real estate agents and Facebook is an incredibly important visibility platform. I’ve used the “Report a Problem” option that shows up when you click the little question mark in the upper right of Facebook’s nav menu. Hopefully many other Page owners are doing the same. And hopefully Facebook will listen and fix this sooner rather than later.

Page owners: Are your reviews also missing? Is it the same on desktop and mobile? Very curious to know what others are seeing. Please comment below.


As of today (Monday, October 30), I’m seeing the reviews again on my wife’s Facebook Page. The tab is there, content is there, etc. Hallelujah!

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  1. Spaan PT says:

    As a Personal Trainer based in The Netherlands, I checked Facebook yesterday and found out we’ve dropped from 83 reviews to only 74 reviews. Both desktop and mobile device gave the same statistics. Whereas I first thought that some people might have deleted their review (although, considering the huge drop that would be very unlikely), I just noticed today that we’ve now only got 59 reviews. Almost 30 reviews have gone missing! Can anyone please help me out?? :’( I haven’t changed anything about the settings – they seem to have disappeared just like that…

    • We have had the same problem dropped from 60 reviews down to 45 on Facebook

      • Jackie says:

        Kim, You just commented yesterday…I had 75 yesterday I checked my review and then now down to 60. Review is a review…

      • Grace Ricker says:

        all of mine have completely disappeared – I had about 14 and then started sending people to The Knot (I’m a wedding videographer so this helps more so) but I am bummed to see past clients who only left facebook reviews gone

    • Jackie says:

      Same here…I listed all the names and dates when they posted review in my page and some of them are gone….you can’t even contact facebook…no solution…

    • Tom says:

      Same here – 124 down to 48 a couple of days ago, and no settings changed on our part. I wonder what’s going on?

    • Jackie Higgins says:

      I have this exact problem today except I counted my reviews it said I have 15 review with my star rating having dropped down from a 4.7 from the weekend to a 4.5 today and when I counted my reviews I still have 22 reviews up

      • Caireen BRUCE says:

        Hi Jackie , mine dropped from 4.9 to 4.7 in 2 weeks . It’s just not reliable and I’m considering deleting that section and just screenshot the ones I have left . It’s really bad . I’ve also for reviews from people that have never met me so they’re not even realistic either . It’s my livelihood that’s being messed with here . Absolute joke

    • Mary Ann says:

      I’m writing in May 2019 and it’s still happening. A business associate asked me to leave his company a review, and I’m not seeing his Reviews page on either Chrome, Bing or Firefox. He’s seeing it on his end, but I’m not. So whatever is happening, it ain’t over.

      • Jennifer Penwell says:

        Same for me! No one can leave a Review because they can’t see my Review tab. I’m getting really annoyed as I don’t know how to fix it.

        • desirae says:

          Same! Have you figured out how to fix it??

        • Laura Gillispie says:

          Same thing is happening to mine.
          I run a cleaning service and it’s vital to my business that potential clients are able to read the reviews from my regular clients.
          This is so frustrating for me and obviously others as well.
          Fingers crossed that this will be fixed!

      • Kerry says:

        I’ve just started my business so it’s a new page . When I asked a client to write a review she followed the review button and it just posted as a ‘visitor post ‘ that nobody can see not on my reviews , she tried it several times using the review button but still nothing .. then another friend just simply cannot see my review button ! So frustrating

        • CATHERINE says:

          I have this exact same problem and have been unable to get help. Half of my reviews end up as visitor posts. I’ve tried to put on a review on a friend’s phone to test it and it just went to visitor post. Please let me know if you get a solution. 🙂

      • ErnestPH says:

        This is also happening to me right now. I can see it on my end. But a customer from Japan is not seeing the review tab…

      • Belinda says:

        Me too! I’ve lost 5 reviews. It’s beyond frustrating. No more advertising from FB.

    • Zoe says:

      This happened to me, I was furious. I reported several times to Facebook-no action taken from them. I am seriously thinking now that they are removing the grey authenticated badges from the end of this month that these are all steps to get rid of small business from their platform. i very much suspect it will become a paid platform only for small businesses in the very near future. That would be fine if they weren’t so very restricted in what we can and can’t share!

  2. Jackie says:

    To add with that comment, I haven’t change any in my setting.

  3. Shameela says:

    I had 120 reviews. Yesterday it shows only 70!!! What can we do to get Facebook to resolve this issue

  4. Julia Cotton says:

    Sam here I went from 100 hard earned 5 * reviews to just 65 overnight!! I have messaged Facebook about 3 days ago and heard nothing. As a small business these reviews are so important

  5. Kerra says:

    Not only have I lost 15 -20 reviews but my review breakdown is showing reviews I’ve NEVER received 2’s, 3’s and an addition 4. My rating went down from 4.9-4.5. I’m a childcare and it’s effecting my potential business. I can’t see any way to contact FB either.

  6. Matt McGee says:

    For a couple days this week, my wife’s Page had an indicator that said “6 reviews” — but all of her reviews were actually on the Page still, they just weren’t being included in the count that FB shows to visitors. Are you guys sure the actual reviews are gone? Or is it just the number they show that’s wrong?

    (BTW, my wife’s Page is now back to normal with the count showing the correct number.)

  7. Mindy says:

    Our page has gone from 236 down to 216! So frustrating you can’t get any help from Facebook!

  8. Kim says:

    Same ~ missing numerous relevant reviews , on all devices . The review count us the same yet the actual reviews are missing !
    WTH Facebook – and no response from you ever , with many an attempt

  9. Annette says:


    Same problem and extremely annoyed at it!
    Trying to start new business an only got 5 reviews…suddenly 2 gone! Everytime someone posts now its gone next day, Who do we talk to about this as i reported it to facebook with no reply.

  10. Barbara says:

    Like you, for my client’s Facebook page, Reviews are not showing up on the tab options. She is also a real estate agent and of course reviews are crucial. Amazing.

  11. Kate says:

    All my reviews have disappeared.
    Really annoying.

  12. Tammi Foster says:

    Has this been resolved! The same has happened for me????

  13. We lost 165 5* reviews last year and clawed back up to 235. They disappeared to leave 44. No idea what is happening but extremely frustrating. No response from Facebook.

  14. lisa says:

    Missing reviews too and my rating dropped overnight from 5 to 4.8.

  15. I’ve just started a business page and my reviews don’t show up. Is this a problem that has reared up again?? so frustrating. I’ve spend soooo much time trying to rectify this. I’m really disappointed. Is there any new/up to date news on this subject?

  16. karen maher says:

    I am the same on my buisness page all my reviews have dissapeared. I have worked years building these up and they are a huge help to future clients deciding to book me. I had over 150 5* reviews all gone, has anyone found a solution?

  17. Amy says:

    I too have had all of mine disappear? So disappointed! How can this be fixed??

  18. Matt McGee says:

    Facebook is in the process of changing from “reviews” to “recommendations,” and that seems to be impacting numbers. See this article for more info:

    • Caireen BRUCE says:

      Recommendations will never work due to irrelevant audience just pressing don’t recommend just to be nasty and vindictive . I have a nail business which has been affected by woman doing this . My review fell from 4.9 to 4 7 . It’s just not working and I feel vulnerable to the masses

  19. Daniel says:

    I had all 24 of my reviews become inaccessible in the past month. No idea where they went. They were all detailed testimonials and I’m extremely disappointed to have lost them. I’ll be following this thread to see if anyone finds a solution.

  20. Mrs M Rangwala says:

    I also have 21 reviews dropping from 50. So annoying x

  21. Following this thread/same issue.

  22. Patryk Z says:

    Same here … 178reviews dropped to 108 over night…
    Very annoying especially when u work so hard…
    I hope FB solve the problem soon.

  23. Herman Veen says:

    We spent a huge amount of effort and time to get to 110+ 5-star ratings and we lost 50% overnight 🙁 THIS IS TERRIBLE FACEBOOK

  24. Lisa says:

    I was so sad as one of my reviews was from a client who was so kind. Then I noticed if you go to the admin section and look under reviews, it says hidden and there is no way to unhide it. And yet I got another recommendation today and its shows up on the page even though it says it is also hidden. After reading other peoples dilemas, I suggest we get our reviews through google. Its unfortunate that we need reviews and I hate asking for them, so I certainly dont want to lose the few I do have.

  25. Rachel Bridgeman says:

    Suddenly people are unable to leave a review on my web page. Anyone have any suggestions?

  26. Kim says:

    Same thing happened to me. I lost 25 5* reviews that it took me a year to get. No response from Facebook. Disappointing.

  27. hi same problem, clients leaving reviews but my rating numbers are not increasing. Have given up chasing up facebook.

  28. Caireen BRUCE says:

    I’m so disappointed in this new system . My business ratings have fell from 4.9 to 4.7 within 2 weeks . Recommendations are left to the masses who have never met me or will ever have a nail session with me so my business online is looking like it’s sinking when infaxr it’s been better than ever. Get this fixed Facebook or im deleting my page. I’ve worked hard over 10 years and won’t have these mistakes ruining my career ☹️

  29. Sue says:

    I just launched my page and got some lovely reviews, saw them in the Notifications tab, clicked to post them to my page and then they disappeared. So I’ll not be soliciting reviews for my FB page going forward, only testimonials for my website. Too bad.

  30. Heather Home says:

    Thank you so much for blogging about this. I was feeling very confused and frustrated. I’ll be sure to send in Feedback to Facebook regarding this issue — the more voices the better.

  31. Corbens A says:

    We sadly have the same issue. Some of our reviews has disappeared completely and new ones are not showing. I have reported this the FB via support for over two months and nothing.

  32. The way I fixed it….

    Navigate to your About page. The edit page info

    I read some categories don’t allow reviews. Delete some categories and play around with that section. I added some new categories then suddenly I could reselect the review tab

    Viola. All the reviews back. Hope that helps some folks.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Kieran,
      I have same problem. Half of all our reviews missing. Could you please let me know which categories you selected to reselect the review?
      Thank you?

  33. Beverley Welch says:

    I cannot even see/access my Reviews – I have the Review “button” and it is on – when clicked on it does nothing … goes nowhere
    I can access most of them on my mobile
    I would like to be able to thank people for their kind reviews
    I do not have the option of “Recommendations”

  34. Howesy says:

    Exactly the same problem, missing reviews. Very poor of FB to implement this without any apparent testing.

  35. Nicole Lawrence says:

    Same here! I had 35 reviews now I have 4!!! Where did they go???? I am a cosmetologist and I worked hard for those reviews !! They were all 5 stars! With paragraphs not just hey she did a great job, ugh oh my gosh! This is so wrong! I am a small business owner….

  36. paf says:

    Same thing here. I have been getting a ton of reviews lately, the last couple of months or so but NONE of those new reviews are actually displaying on my page. This is VERY frustrating…..

  37. kc says:

    same problem here on my mobile mechanic page .. my customer showed me her review and it was a great one but it does not show up on either platform and now i am wondering if other customers have written reviews that i can not or have not seen

  38. Tarek says:

    My Reviews tab disappeared completely and I had a 5.0 rating. Cant even find the recommendations or anything. When I look to add the tab it’s not even found as an option.

  39. Lucy says:

    I have 15 reviews (my page is showing this number) but can only read 13.

  40. Nate says:

    I discovered, I have the same problem. I do not have the usual option within settings to restore my recommendations at all. I had over 160 ratings/reviews and about 20 or more recommendations. All of them are gone. I had them turned off for a while, and went to turn them back on and discovered the option to turn the tab back on is no longer there. Furthermore, if you go to “templates” where you can see the examples of what the different page types’ tabs and options will look like – it no longer shows anything about recommendations/ratings/reviews there either.

    This exact thing happened about 2 years ago and was very widespread. At that time though, facebook was switching the rating/review set up to the current “recommendation” set up. So I can only guess that is why that particular occurence happened. Who knows what the heck they are doing to it now. I do know that facebook’s stock is steadily declining – they better step up their game or they will be gone like Myspace!

  41. Simone Bourgeois says:

    All of my reviews have disappeared. Really beautiful reviews with 5 star rating. Review button also gone & unable to locate. Does anyone know what issue is or how to rectify….or are they lost?

  42. Dawn Varga says:

    My reviews/recommendations have disappeared as of last Friday and the option to add the Recommendations tab back is not available. I have reported the problem several times, but do not have an answer as of yet. Very frustrated!!!!

  43. Asha says:

    Same here. We have 2 Admins for our facebook page. I cant see reviews nor i am able to see the review tab in the settings (Templates & Tabs). However, when logged into facebook page with other admin the Reviews tab is visible. I tried all options in the settings but not successful. Finally, i did “Report a Problem: in facebook.

    • Adam Barnard says:

      Same problem. Any fix yet? I have reported a few times but nothing has come back from Facebook to help.

  44. Bru Apoyo says:

    I have noticed that reviews are visible if you use Facebook in incognito mode and are not signed in, but as soon as you’re signed in the ‘Reviews’ option is gone from the page’s menu. To use incognito mode in Chrome just press CTRL+SHIFT+N.

  45. Luke says:

    Hi Matt,

    I know I’m late to the party here but this has been an issue for me for around 2 weeks now… did you just have to sit and wait until they suddenly reappeared one day?
    I have reported the issue but FB are not getting back to me… I just need some reassurance that all is not gone 🙁

    Thanks a for the detailed post,

  46. I’ve just noticed in the last few days that mine are gone too. I read something about having to have your address on there (as a wedding photographer without a studio, I don’t have one that isn’t my home address), but I’ve added that and it’s made no difference. The recommendations tab isn’t available to add. I’ve contacted Facebook, but no response. So frustrating.

    • Lynnette L. Embree says:

      I, too, am unable to see reviews or even the reviews tab on pages. My husband and I can look at the same page and his has a reviews tab and mine does not. Is there a setting I’m missing??

  47. Carley says:

    Hi, I have the same problem.
    I reported to Facebook 6 months ago as all 49 of my reviews have just disappeared from my business page.
    No response from Facebook atall and still no joy with any reviews showing on my page.

  48. gayane says:

    I have the same issues, during last few days some visitors report that they cant write recommendation for my page as they don’t see the Recommendation bar. Still, there are users who has left the reviews.
    I have reported an issue.What else i can do?

  49. There is a setting on your Business Page, where you have to add the tab for your reviews to reappear if your reviews have completely vanished. You can also look this up on the help site.

  50. Alvin says:

    Hey everyone, yesterday I turned the reviews off on my Facebook business page. Then today I turned them back on to receive a review.

    However people still don’t see the review tab. Does it take time to turn back on?

  51. Sam says:

    I have the same issue. About 8 months ago the reviews disappeared completely from my business page, on all devices. I am also unable to write reviews/ recommendations for certain other businesses because the tab is not available, yet other people I know can and I can see it on their phone. For some business pages, notably only the big brands 😉 their reviews tab is working and availability or to me in the very same devices. It’s so frustrating. Two years is plenty of time to resolve an issue.

  52. Triopsking says:

    Hey there,
    I have also suffered from this situation for my business page. I’m too much worried because of my reviews had deleted from my page. I don’t understand what happened to me. I think it is the only problem for me but after reading this post I have more clarity about these issues.
    Thanks for sharing the problem you face…

  53. Louisa says:

    I have multiple clients with this issue and I’m getting nowhere with Facebook.

  54. Helena says:

    I also lost some reviews, but my problem now is that people cannot summit new reviews, even though the tab is on and the old ones can be read.
    The last one that I could receive was at the beginning of April, and there’s no way I can get a f… reply from Facebook.

  55. I have an even worse problem, no one can actually leave a review on my page, it’s not working???? I’ve tried everything. So frustrating

  56. Grace Izzard says:

    I’m also experiencing loss of reviews from my business page. As it’s a small business reviews are very important. I was hoping they can be reinstated.
    Thanks all for sharing as I thought i was the only one

  57. Peter says:

    It is widespread.
    As far as I can tell everyone can see reviews until they log in. Then it affects selected users. (no idea if
    there is a trigger or setting that causes it, appears random and between 25 and 30 percent of people)
    More people who have noticed the problem at that link.
    No solution and no responses from FaceBook.

  58. Drew says:

    I found my missing reviews that were not showing on my phone / tablet by:
    – Deleting any unnecessary tabs that were redundant.
    – Logging out of Facebook completely and remove the cache & history on my laptop.
    – Then by using Google Chrome (laptop) in Incognito mode, I googled my Facebook business page
    – When I reached my page, I could see all my reviews there but a pop-up comes up asking you to login to view them and doesn’t let you read them properly. When I logged in, some of them disappeared, so it would seem that they are there somewhere in the system, but definitely a big pain!

  59. Carol says:

    Yes I can see my reviews, but no one can add a review. The option has been taken away. Get your shite together Facebook. I’m paying good advertising money to you for a below par service!!!

  60. Siobhan Mulholland-Beach says:

    I have 24 recommendations on my Facebook business page. My ratings were 5 but they have completely disappeared. It just says ‘No ratings yet’ despite having had a rating of 5 prior to this plus I’ve had more reviews too but still no ratings. Where have the ratings gone?

  61. I have a very similar problem. I’m directing clients to my Facebook business page to leave a review. They’re able to find the page, but there is no link to leave a review

  62. Arturo says:

    Same here, new biz, new fb page, no way to add any review button, even after trying with making it a local business and giving it a physical address.

  63. Luandrn says:

    Hi, sorry I know this is an old post but I’m also experiencing a problem.
    Although not exactly the same – maybe you can help.
    I have a total of 108 reviews/recommendations on my page.
    When you navigate to reviews it sasy: 5/5 based on the opinion of 108 people. The problem is that next to that it says “21 people recommends Wiskunde Schmiskunde”. Why is that number not updating. This is concerning becase it’s th only value you see when your using a mobile device.
    Any advise?

  64. Kelly Demain says:

    I’ve had several people tell me they’ve left me reviews on Facebook and I didn’t get any notifications and I not anyone else can see them but the people that did them can and have screen shot them to me. I’ve deleted my history and cookies etc, reset my phone, logged out of Facebook and have reported through nurmerous avenues on Facebook but am not getting any response – can anyone help?

    • Andreea Pavlov says:

      I am experiencing the same issue, this is very frustrating. I am looking for another platform to have my recommendations posted.

  65. JayJay says:

    My business page shows No Rating Yet / No Recommendations Yet – but I have HUNDREDS of recommendations on my page. I reported this problem several times to FB without any solution.

    • same problem so frustrated as a small business account on my reviews to support me I cannot believe Facebook is not responding to anybody has anybody had any luck at all.
      I tried to create another website just for the hell of it and sure enough the review tab is there all the things that people tell me to do add tab all that there is no tab for recommendation or reviews

  66. Rox says:

    It’s Dec 2019 and my business is about a month old technically we should be around 32 reviews yet every time someone adds a new review it stays at 27. No more it’s like we can’t move passed that number. I’ve also tried asking for help nothing yet. I haven’t changedany settings either. Any tips?

  67. adrian says:

    i can’t believe something so basic has not been fixed. I’m having the same problem!

  68. Jordan Cameron says:

    Same problems for me worked hard all year to build up 12 5* reviews and the last one I got at the same time it’s like they all disappeared from my page, gutted

  69. The same thing is happening to me—my review are gone and there is not even a recommendation tab for me to choose from. Frustrating.

  70. Luiz says:

    Same here… Lost more than 60 reviews and no solution and no answer from Facebook..
    Maybe it´s time just to forget about Facebook…

  71. cole says:

    I have like 5 reviews missing off my business facebook page. Disgusting, I worked my ass off for these!!!
    Just take them down Facebook, This is why I spend ZERO $$$ money with you incompetent clowns!!!!

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